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What’s in Trend – Online Marketing V/s Traditional Marketing?

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May 6, 2018
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What’s in Trend – Online Marketing V/s Traditional Marketing?

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Well, if we talk about 18’s or 19’s, people use topromote the brand with a few ways. Newspaper, television, radio, and leafletsare some of the promotions means.

And trust, these methods work too. But with theadvancement in technology and changing scenario, there is always room forchange.

So is the case with marketing methods. If the buyingtrend, people liking and choices change over time, then not the marketing way.

Have a look at the pinpoints showing a comparison betweenonline and traditional marketing:


As you all know business growth depends upon theaudience. The more you attract the customer, the more you could earn profits.

By adopting old tacts of promotion, one cannot create apersonal contact with targeted people. Whereas, digitalization tools create aspace for a particular brand in the minds of people.

audience matters

Hence, it attracts both potential and targeted audiences.SEO expert in Chandigarh helps the people to find the product or services whenthey need.


Following traditional ways of branding, one can only showit on the page of a newspaper or flyer. It is not always possible that peoplerecognize it while reading the paper.

And it’s even possible that one should miss radio ads. Digital marketing overcome the problem with website development.

A highly responsive website says a lot that a newspaperleaf cannot. Moreover, the bog section wins the confidence of the audience.


The way of promotion which is attractive only grab themasses attention. If it is rigid, it narrows down its scope. Same is the casewith previous advertising tools.

One cannot do much with the pamphlets. In today’sscenario, social media marketing gives birth to several engaging ways ofpromotion.

Use of infographics, videos, press releases, and GoogleAdWords automatically grab viewer’s attention.


Imagine, you came to know the result of your effortswithin a short time interval? Isn’t it good? It gives the dual advantage ofhigh publicity and rectification of errors.

The old methods of publicity lack this feature. Theholdings or radio ads take too much to set in the mind of people.

realtime_metrics,seo company in chandigarh

The posts on Facebook and video marketing strategy on Youtubeinstantly hit on the mind of the customer.They recognize it fora long duration and even consider at the time of requirement.


Traditional marketing stays one step behind from themodern marketing because of limited reach. You cannot convey a message to alarge number of the audience by using such means.

On the other hand, internet market broadens the scope byconveying the brand name globally.

Who doesn’t use social media channels? Hardy no one isbehind in the race. Thus, promotional activities through such channels lead toexcellent brand promotion.

In Conclusion

If you want to flourish your business and touch the heights of success, opt for an SEO company in Chandigarh to avail online services. The well-trained staff serves you in the best possible manner.

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