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Marketing of company’s brand or product/ services through social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube etc. is known as Social Media Marketing. It is the best platform for all type of business to reach to the potential customer and create goodwill in the market.


Focusing on a particular region or location, Local SEO refers to ranking, optimisation and listing of the website. Earlier with the conventional means of advertising (dropping a pamphlet at the doorstep, commercials or newspapers), you need to go to the customer for promoting the product whether they need it or not. But, now business dealing with a range of product or services can market it through the web. That’s called “Get found by the customer whenever he needs”.


Pay per click (PPC) service is a paid form of search technique in which advertiser has to pay for each click. It is all about getting the leading position on the popular search engine. In PPC management services, there are specific ways involved to get instant traffic like keyword testing, business models, and marketplace verticals.


SEO is all about optimising and ranking of the web pages on a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. People are moving towards the world of internet frequently. If web page ranks well on the search engine, it ultimately popup on the top of first few pages of Google. There is no chance of missing a customer who is searching for your business.


Web development involves all the steps taken in developing or designing a website. Your web design depicts the picture of your company’s brand. It includes domain, hosting provider, loading speed of web page, CTA buttons, visual appeal, color scheme, layouts and much more. Our company has specialisation in creating a business, commercial, and social websites.


Email marketing is a type of direct marketing in which facility of sending bulk messages is available that allows the brand to connect personally with the audience. This method is advantageous as one can examine the click-through rate and mail deliveries. These email campaigns could contain the big announcements, promotional information, advertisements, offers, trade fairs, deal and links.

Digital Marketing Courses


Search engine optimization index your web pages high on the Google with the help of various modules. PIIMS provides these services to both small as well as large-scale owners. Besides, we impart training of these modules as well.


Marketing your brand via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube is our ultimate objective. Our professional institute offers various courses to the fresher as well as experienced personnel with which they can learn all the tools and techniques of marketing a product.


Be an affiliate and earn by marketing the brand of another organization. This method is in high demand in the internet world, and its module involves all the necessary tactics and guidance that one needs to be a perfect affiliate marketer.


Another modern medium of advertising the brand is YouTube marketing. Someone rightly said that a person remembers the thing 50% more than he watches with his eyes and listens with this ears. Same is the strategy behind this social media marketing. We have a team of experts specialized in various tricks and tips to make your brand awareness of the public via videos.

Pay Only For Results

Grab the Viewers Attention

If you have just started the business or be in the business world from a last number of year, there is a need to avail marketing services to attract the viewers. Customers are the asset of any business. So, contact us now for getting higher ROI by reaching to the customers globally

Pocket Allowing SEO Services

Don’t worry about the budget. We offer courses and services at the actual prices that easily suit your pocket. PIIMS is the platform where a business owner can invest without any dilemma. Set your budget and approach us to avail SMM, SEO, and allied services.

Allow SEO Company in Amritsar to Build Your Online Presence

Want to get your site on the first page in SERP’s? Building online presence in the today’s era is a vital factor to survive in the internet world. To get love and affection of customer, the business house has to think open-mindedly and should avail the service to bring their reputation among the people. Not only has this, in fact, search engines like Bing, Google also liked those brands that have a web presence. It’s high time if you own a business but not have a website. Rush! To a prominent digital marketing institute that has specialization in providing various modern marketing services to the client. Punjab Institute of Internet Marketing and Services is the one that can help you in this regard. So, allow us to work for you to increase your sales and profit level.

There number of companies in the row who can seek search engine optimization and related services. Have a look:

:• Small businesses, Startups, Large-scale companies

• Companies proving online services

• Niche Companies

• Local Companies

• Professionals (Legal, Medical)

• Restaurants, Hotels


seo company in amritsar

The tricks useful for promotion of local companies not fit into the promotional frame of a well-established firm. Whatever type of organization it is, we give surety to pride the best and required guidance. So, whether you or anyone about you is looking for best SEO company in Amritsar, Punjab or other locations can approach us. We are famous for proving best services and ecommerce solutions to rank your website high on the Google. Our motive is not to get the money and take instant actions for raking purpose, because we know the steps taken in a hurry is always harmful in the future. Thus, we do our work with full dedication and concentration, so that person availing the strive will get satisfaction more than he desired. Imagine! Your brand will come up on the top when people search for the same type of product. How much attention will you brand get? That will be the decisive symbol that brings you one step ahead on your success ladder.

What Tactics PIIMS Follow For Building Online Presence?

Well, there are numerous strategies that our top-ranked marketing agency adopts to make you present on the web. Some of them are: Website Designing: The primary step towards online presence is creating and designing web that contains landing (home page) as well other internal pages (about us, products, services, contact us, blog). Unlike other designing institutes, we prefer to impart customized & responsive design to the web page that makes it catchy. The HTML based sites are an old trend. Looking for web designs in Amritsar, Punjab contact us!

Promotional Media:

People cannot get familiar with the brand name until some sought of promotional activities are not implementing on it. Thanks to the internet that provides specific platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. to make advertising campaigns for the products. Moreover, Google Adwords is another best medium in this regard.

Content Marketing:

Google is a content lover. So, for becoming great in its eyes, we present you with the service of content marketing which is a vital part of online marketing. Our team works out on the searching of keywords and arranging all the elements like images, graphics, etc. that work out well for quality content.

Links Building:

Links whether internal or back, is the backbone of the website. No element can work without having good links. For us, some links do not matter, the thing which matter is the quality of links. “It’s beneficial to have few good links on the webpage rather than the number of bad links.” Thus, help in generating high conversion rate.

Why Your Business Need SEO Expert?

You might be thinking that other businesses need services for digital marketing, but now my business. Right? No doubt that market is growing at a good pace. You are enjoying good returns and having potential customers. But do you think this is sufficient enough? No, in this 21st generation as much your business flourish you will also grow with it. After all, it is about your reputation. Want to know why your company such services?

 Here are some of the point’s to be considered:

Changing Pace –

It’s not the era of 80’s or 90’s in which holding, newspaper, leaflets were the only medium for promoting the product. If you still adopt such methods, your company will regard as outdated. So, to be in the lead cop-up with the modernization. Otherwise, you will lack somewhere behind, and your competitions will grab the lead. A company which is on the Google is only considering the nest one. Digital marketing increases your credibility.

Brand Image –

No matter whether a company is large, small or just has started, building image is out most important. Today people are brand conscious and will never go for such brand that doesn’t exist online. The absence of web is just like the non-existence of the brand in the market. Hiring a professional web development company in Ludhiana helps the brand building its strong reputation by following SMM strategies such as local SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, etc. Regular basis promotions and event release add much more to it.

Boost Organic Traffic –

There is two type of traffic, i.e., paid and organic. The motive of our company is to get the organic traffic toward your website because we know the good and bad for your site. If you have a well-developed website but cannot attract the potential customer, then it is of no use. Traffic is the way to give a push to the web page. Connect with PIIMS that adopts white hat methods to gran the potential as well as targeted customers and get the higher sales, inquiries, and lead generation. Beware of face agencies and hire a perfect IT company in Punjab which adopts the techniques to direct clients to the site.

Different Website Different Demands:

Website may be desktop based as well as mobile-friendly. Having a site in both the formats is the symbol of ethical concern. But did you know both of them demands different design and features? Web design and components of one cannot embed in other. Customized, responsive and various other configurations are available. Too many popups or messages on the mobile can make the users annoying. Only an expert can guide you the difference in both.


Return on investment is the ultimate aim of business for which it is set up. Although there are other components of interest such as brand image, product recognition, company reputation, etc. But all these components come to an end in the form of profitability. The success or failure of any business depends upon the ROI graph. If your business is not generating the profits that you expect, then its time of either shut it down or hires a leading digital marketing company. Till PIIMS is here, you don’t need to wind up your business. We put all our efforts to raise your business regarding monetary value. We know all the tact’s that make a company from the lower level to higher. So, don’t think twice and directly come to us.

Web Monitoring –

Suppose, you get in touch with an unknown service providing company. At the initial stage, it gives you better SEO, SMM, BRM and other services to getting his share. But later on, when it comes to analysis, it disappears. But actually, post analysis is fundamental to know the factors that are working on the website. If there are some elements present on the site that are attracting any traffic, then it’s better either improve or remove them. Without taking this step, your website cannot become perfect.

Why is PIIMS - The SEO Company in Amritsar Different from Others?

After all, you are a human being, and there are specific questions that revolve around your while choosing a prominent SEO company such as:
• Is the company have Google certification

• Does it follow legal practices?

• Are the tools it adopts is as per the Google guidelines?

• How to protect a site from harm of blacklisting and penalties?

Don’t worry, Punjab Institute of Digital Marketing and Services here to help you out with the best possible business solutions. It is not just a company but an ultimate answer to all your web problems. We adopt ethical and legal practices based on the search engine marketing guidelines to help out our clients.

Have a look on some of the overwhelming features of PIIMS:

Understand Client Needs:

There are hardly few companies that deal with the client need and specifications. Instead, most of them try to impart their imaginations and do hit trail method on the client website. We at PIIMS, genuinely understand the work culture and functioning of the client. Then we set time with him to know his requirements in dept. After that, we study the condition of the firm to understand what type of services it needs. We are not among them that are money minded; In fact, our services and packages are affordable and suit your pocket. E.g., If you establish a local business, then we first adopt local search engine optimization to give the hike to the firm on a locality basis. If you have a well-established company but not grabbing the traffic, then promotional tools will be the better option.

Well-Qualified Team:

Success of any service providing company depends upon the quality staff. Education and skill set of the professional can take a digital marketing company to the next level. We have a team of well-qualified and talented staff. The best quality of our team members is that they always update with the latest changes and technology.

Google keep on changing the rules and regulations regarding search engine optimization. To cope with them and keep oneself update is a crucial task. How we provide best services to our client? Just because of the cooperation and smartness of the team.

Direct Communication:

The best digital marketing is always famous for keeping its promises. Unlike others, we will not leave you after clearing the payment. We are always available for your help. There is still a person available at the front desk to attend you and your calls. You can freely email us with any queries. We will revert you timely. During our business hours, you can connect with our team, and we will solve your doubts until you get satisfied.

Courses & Training:

Apart from fetching the customers with digital marketing services, we also offer classes and training to the people at really affordable cost. Anyone whether an individual, student, trainee, entrepreneur, job seeker, etc. can avail the benefit of these courses. We offer courses in search engine optimization, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, promotional marketing, pay per click management, email marketing for sending bulk sms, mobile app, logo designing, reputation management, android app development etc. Demo classes, training sessions, tutorials, videos, and lectures delivered to the trainees. One can avail knowledge of the entire course or can become specialized in a single field as well.

Now, it’s up to you that you want to move ahead with rinsing trend and adopt marketing services or be there where you are now. It’s the time to think and make a decision. Don’t let your competitions to overload you. Get name and fame in the digital marketing by joining hands with PIIMS.

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