Brand Awareness

Get the customers familiar with your company name!

The consumer always keen to know about the companies detail before making any purchase. In this case, it’s vital that your company brand must be popular enough among the target audience.  Here, the role of brand awareness service comes into the frame. It’s all about making your brand and associated products and services familiar. We do both inbound and outbound marketing efforts to make your company name trendy. It can be a business’s most significant assets if done correctly. So, jump in at the right moment and garnish your brand using media attention.

Whether a company is newly set up or existing one, it’s vital to promote until it becomes word of mouth. We know how to present the company image in the spotlight. It develops brand recognition, i.e., the customer is fully aware of the product he is going to buy and directly comes to your place instead of going to the competitors. Promotion of brand through digital marketing gives an extra advantage to the companies of brand recall. People become aware of any product through marketing techniques are less likely to forget it.



YouTube Promotion:

Thousands of videos uploaded on the YouTube every minute. The numbers itself says about the popularity of this media. YouTube marketing is a cool way for making interactions with the clients. Want to conduct fair, trade show or launch a new product? Then, nothing is better than this platform. We provide digital marketing services in various cities of Punjab and can hit the likes on your videos/ channels/ bumper ads as many as you wish. Thus, it helps in building & measuring the brand awareness which lead to loyal subscribers.

Facebook Promotion:

Facebook is the highly used social networking site. It has millions of users worldwide, and this fact is not new for anyone. So what would be the better platform than this for promoting a brand? We, at PIIMS, promote the brand by publishing the post either solely to the people who like your page or who you choose through the marketing. The more people like, share and comment, the more your brand with getting recognition and appreciation.

Business Reviews:

Nowadays, it’s trending when people want to buy a particular product, they always first prefer to reading reviews and looking at the ratings before going for that purchase. Positive reviews provide an extra push with your company image. These are the social proof of the authenticity of the product. People seek the reassurance and confirmation that they are going for a right purchase.  We help you in getting more and outright reviews on the reviewing websites.

Instagram Promotion:

Undoubtedly a most important social channel for brand promotion. According to a recent survey, Instagram has higher brand engagement rate in comparison to the other social platforms. It’s the format where you can showcase as well as sell your products and convert your followers into the potential customers. Being of image concentric, it grabs the attention of most of the views and brand promotion through Instagram would be a wise decision. We generate photo ads, video ads and carousel ads to make your business more aware.



Online Reputation Management:

When people search for you or your company online, how would they predict that description given on the website is true or not? Here comes the role of online reputation management (ORM). Our agency adopts various techniques and strategies to ensure that viewers find the right materials when they look for you or allied aspects online. Protect your brand from misleading fact and allows you to put the best foot forward. Our thinking is that online reputation is your reputation, that’s why we care for you and create brand awareness.