About Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is one of the forms of online marketing in which promotion of company brand or its products or services takes place using digital channels to reach the potential consumers. For successful marketing, various digital technologies such as the internet, mobile phones, display advertising, and other digital medium are taken into account.

It involves an enormous spectrum of elements such as online brochures, advertisement, email marketing, infographics etc. Here, our well-competent team guide and make the best digital marketers out of you who have a clear picture of using these elements for attaining the goals.


Offline marketing is not at all useful as it was earlier. The trend of shopping has changed to a great extent. To be in the lead, it is necessary to connect with the audience in a right manner and internet is the way. Thus, digital marketing plays a vital role.

  • Electronic media can target and influence a wide array of customers including target as well as newcomers.
  • It boosts the brand image and name of the company with which small businesses get a chance to move ahead by building goodwill in the market and significant business gain a competitive advantage.
  • Regular reporting and analysis will be possible by measure conversion rate, sales, profit and attempt to improve it.

Digital Marketing Courses – PIIMS Offers :-



PIIMS– The leading digital marketing company in Punjab always welcome the people with open arms who are keen to get the knowledge about the digital world. In this regard, we are offering specific digital marketing courses.

SEO Course: We offer full fledge SEO course to the learners and hold your hand starting from learning the SEO basics till the final training. Search engine optimiser must have a proper understanding of algorithms on which ranking is tested. The training session includes web designs, metadata, multi-channel optimisation, the working of the search engine, spiders & crawlers, search engine languages and all other do’s and do not. Cover you with layman to professional seo.

SMM Course: Social Media Marketing is the best course for learning all the digital marketing tacts that will help in ranking website high. We provide in-depth knowledge of social media channels, their management, reputation and brand building. Our training method is purely practical and based on the case studies. At the end of the course, you become expert in finding, and approaching the target market and networking.

YouTube Marketing Course: It is the best way of making a brand famous by conveying messages in the form of short or full videos. The course covers YouTube channel webmaster tool like URL, art, link, keywords, Channel navigation & analytics, playlists, lightening, highlighting, callouts, animations, viewer’s growth and much more. You join PIIMS as fresher but came out as an experienced professional.

Affiliate Marketing Course: It is a technique for increasing the customers and sales graph of your own business but through another person. That another person is known as an affiliate and works for some sough of commission. Learn affiliate marking secrets and earn by selling some one’s product. Our high-tech experts provide step-by-step guidance that helps you in knowing the target market, behavior patterns and creating of affiliate site with a correct choice of distribution medium.

Email Marketing Course: Create your need in this digital world by learning email marketing. In this course, all the aspects of adaptive and modern email sending like email designs, segmentation, optimisation, deliverability, analysis and reporting come together. It not only grows the business for which you are doing the marketing but gives your career a significant rise as well.