Email Marketing

“The Best Strategy to build a direct connection with the potential customer.”

What would be better than direct contact with the target audience? It creates a personalized feel for them. Yes, e-marketing or e-messages are all about the management of the email for building direct relation with the customer without going at the particular place. All you need is to draft the mails and forward it. Stop and think! It’s time-consuming and massive task to forwarding e-mails to the number of clients. That’s why one of the best digital marketing companies in Punjab, PIIMS provides you the email marketing solution.

What is email marketing in SEO and how does it work?

Forget the traditional market tactics, try the noted method and send bulk mail to the designated audience in just a single click. The motive of SEO email marketing is “Stay Connected” with the clients even after providing or promoting the services. In today’s scenario, web presence is the ultimate source to be in the leading row. “The more people feel the web presence, the more they will attach to you.” You can get more signups and generate leads by marketing your company through electronic media. With this, you would not only attract the customers but also earn them for a lifetime.

So, put your product or company directly into the inbox of the customer where there is no chance of missing anything. Updating the potential customer and attracting the new one by offering new deals, trends, and offers. A business or company, either small or large can take massive advantage of this service. Where you have to send b2b emails or b2c mails, this service is helpful for all. Our team adopts various tools and techniques which are 100% result-oriented.  We provide you with the complete marketing strategy right from the beginning of the formation of e-mail till its delivery.


 Unrivalled Levels of Service

Our internet marketing agency provides a four-level hierarchy of services in electronic media marketing. Now send to the group of people without wasting a single minute of yours. Moreover, develop loyal relations with existing customer and acquire new leads as well.

Marketing Strategy:- “Strategize and then forward”

We frame the plan or criteria to promote the particular business or its product/ services. It’s a roadmap with a forward-looking approach which formulates to achieve the competitive advantage. It includes the following how’s:

  • How to enhance the mailing list?
  • How to attract the target clients?
  • How to fulfill their informational needs?

Template Design:-  “Create responsive designs”

We provide innovative & search engine friendly designs that put you ahead than your competitors. Particular focus is on the prompt delivery of the mails that ultimately save time as well. SEO email templates are design in such a way that conveys your message along with an engaging visual display. We also have specialized product promotion template with us.

Tracking & Reporting:- “Evaluate and analyze send email effects”

This level is all about the evaluation of strategies where we adopt specific metrics and parameters such as bounce rate, click through rate, some search queries, you get after sending the emails, unsubscribes and most important-how many people read your stuff.  Just a click on email is not enough; its reading is also an essential factor. Further, reporting helps in maintain the track record and gathering crucial data on the behavior of the customer.

Marketing Campaigns:– “Grab more customers”

The idea behind marketing campaigns is to provide in-depth information about the company that gives high to your profitability. It includes promotional campaigns as well as behavior-focus messages. Our team solely focuses on the need for the customer or a particular sector for advertising the product/ services so that more and more customers can attach to the organization.