Local SEO – What does it mean? 

PIIMS– One of the top local SEO marketing companies provides this service in the state of Punjab. Now, the question arises what does it mean? Many of you might be familiar with this term. If no, then let’s talk about it.

A local search engine optimization provide services like optimization, ranking, and a listing of the web pages or websites on search engines such as Google, the most prominent search engine worldwide. Beyond, bing, yahoo, start page and much more are there in the row. Unlike organic SEO, it targets the customers in the local market by focusing on the geographical locations. No matter whether your business is small, medium or large scale, there is always a need of ranking your site well at a particular level.

Now you’re thinking – how the ranking of a website would be beneficial for the local business?


Business is all about attracting more customers, and high ranking of a website is the simple and convenient way to achieve that target. When potential customer search for the particular product or services in the nearby locations, your site is ranked, will appear on the top of the google search. Thus, the customer can quickly get information of his query through search engine result pages (SERP’s). But you know the astonishing fact!  If someone searches for products & services that your company does not provide but are allied to it, still your business comes in the notice of the customer.

Quality Skills: Local SEO makes your online presence across Google by embedding the maps which tell the story of a business. It includes NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), it verifying and editing so customers can find you whenever.

Facts About Local SEO – Worth Knowing



  1. Why is it so important?

In this busy scenario, who have the time of reading such a lengthy 20 pages newspaper? People prefer quick and easy access to the information. They have built the mentally that business which exists on Google is a good one as compare to other. With the advancement in technology, ways of promotion are also changing. Local search engine optimization strategy gives you the opportunity to build a position in the web world so that customer can quickly get in touch with you. Forget about the past trends of promotion and move ahead with the growing trend.

  1. SEO V/s Local SEO

When we talk about SEO, it refers to ranking and optimization by focusing on the global market, i.e., not location specific. E.g.:- Top 10 digital marketing companies. Whereas, Local SEO service focus entirely on the particular region or city. E.g.:- Best digital marketing company in Punjab or Engineering institutes near me.

  1. Types of web traffic

There are five different type of traffics that a digital marketing company can attract.

  • Direct Traffic: It refers to the people who direct visit your side as your brand image is high in their eyes.
  • Organic Traffic: People search your company, or associated product/ services that you deal with is the organic traffic.
  • Referral Traffic: Traffic that generates by applying quality backlinks or can occur through press releases also.
  • E-mailing or Social Traffic: Gathering attention of viewers by advertisement or promotion through social networks or e-mails.
  • Paid Traffic: It is the process of the in-catching audience by paying for advertisement (pay per click) through the platform like Google AdWords.
  1. What is Local Citation?

Local citation means referring your complete business NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) online. With this, Google can understand the existence of your business and determine its accuracy & worthiness. Make sure that all the details must match with the company’s information given on the website. Thus, it is the proof of validation; besides reviews & links, the citation is the deciding factor for search engine while ranking.

Professional Tools:

Below are the two aspects of our digital marketing company that proves professional tools to uplift your business:

Keyword Research: The game of ranking is based on the keyword research. We have various tools to find the right and search engine friendly keywords as per your business working for getting your page up.

Awesome Team: PIIMS family consists of highly qualified and certified technicians, designers, search engine optimizers and other professional. They delicately handle your projects and provide your result oriented results.