“Get your business in front of the people’s eyeball”

One of the types of internet marketing, Pay-Per-Click is a paid search in which advertisers have to pay a fee to the publisher each time when their ads are clicked and also got popular with the name Cost-Per-Click (CPC). Don’t worry; the PPC management pricing is worth nothing, as the visit is worth more than what you pay. A simple way to buy tahe visitors for your site instead of earning them. It is an internet advertising technique adapts to direct more traffic, sales and leads to websites.

As you all know: nothing is better than an advertisement campaign. Likewise, this advertising gives the opportunity to pay for attaining the leading positions on search engines. Want to generate more leads? PIIMS, the PPC management service provider capture the potential customers in a first-tier search engine like Google AdWords& Microsoft Bing.

Why use this service?

  • Result-oriented & Measurable:- We delicately organize cost-per-click campaigns and prepare reports relating to the profits, expenses, views, visits, clicks, visits and many more. All-in-all it is the fastest way to run advertising and get instant results that are easy to measure as well.
  • Target particular market or segment– Our company is one of the best PPC management companies in Punjab that examines when and where the specific commercial will appear as per the elements like keywords, location, website, audience behavior while running a campaign.


Video Advertising:-

Videos are the medium that capture almost 90% of attention of audience and leave a long-term impact on them. Video advertising is nothing but a type of video content whose fundamental motive is to show the textual message behind the slides of a video. Our digital marketing institute creates a 2-5 minute short business videos about specific topics using content and other engaging sources to attract the viewers.

PPC Remarketing:-

Pay-per-click Remarketing is also known as retargeting. In this, we prepare campaigns to show ads to the people who have already visited your website. It’s a comeback call for the previous users or visitors that increase your conversion rates and ROI. The audience who are familiar with the company brand is more likely to become your permanent customers.

The simple process of remarketing:

  • A person first time visit your site
  • He spends some time on the site, and we track him.
  • Then he leaves the website.
  • One day he saw add of your brand on another site.
  • He instantly remembers his previous visit and comes again to your site.

Social Advertising:

Social advertising refers to creating campaigns for publishing it on the social networks to target masses. It’s all about social targeting the social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. No one can ignore the power of social media in this 21st century. Our work is to match social site users and target groups that have been specified by the advertiser. It gives real-time performance analysis.

Display Advertising:

Another method of pay per click marketing, Display Advertising contains the ads that display online to grab the attention of visitors particularly when they are surfing online rather than searching for your product or service. Unlike textual ads, these may be the banner ads and contains the featuring images, flash messages, videos or audios to interact well. The primary purpose is that site visitors can come across the brand messages of small as well as large businesses.