2018 TRENDS : Rise in Digital Marketing

Discover: The Rising Trend of Digital Marketing


Today’s world is the internet world! From the day beginning till the end we all are surrounded by the internet whether it’s for searching a product, reading news, watching videos, socializing with the friends or acquaintances. Digital marketing is a vital part of internet marketing which moves at a frightening speed. It blends of Google analytics, various social, and techniques of marketing.

Let’s have a look: What Digital Marketing Exactly Is?

This concept is all about marketing the products/ services using digital channels like social media, search engines, email, mobile apps and website to reach the consumers.

The primary concern is to promote the brand image with the help of various digital tools in such a manner that connects directly to the heart of viewers. It offers integrated marketing services to attract, engage, motivate and convert the potential customers online.

It’s a broad concept covers the multiple aspects including content marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, on-page & off-page SEO, online advertisement, web development and a lot more! Simply, we can say that it is a framework that brings together the three elements – people, process, technology.

Statics 2018 Reveals – Big Boost in Online Marketing

Well, after reading the brief introduction, you might have developed some idea of its popularity. Keeping the end in mind, every organization either small or big has to hold the hand of digital media. In comparison to past few years, its trend is increasing continuously.



Discover some hot facts of 2018 with us:

  • Online shopping rise to almost 60% on the web and 46% on apps.
  • According to International Telecoms Union (ITU) – Rise of 42% internet access on the smart phone worldwide.
  • Every minute millions of users attached to the social site (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • 80% of the people prefer online shopping and ROI of big shopping sites such as Amazon, flipchart, etc. increase by more than double in the past few years.
  • Search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) boast an average of 65,000 searches every microsecond of the day.
  • In comparisons to plain text, videos along with content drive 50 times more traffic for organic search results.
  • Approximately 72% of viewers see the first two pages of search results whereas only 7% of searchers will consider the third page.
  • Graph of nearby me searches is rising while selecting the localized product or service.


Live Example: Dominos – one of the best cuisine suppliers recognize in the early stage that digitalization would bring its business to a new phase. So it introduces digital orders followed by social media promotion. Digital ordering, tracing order time, personal order profile, etc. are the features that make it grow smoothly over others.

Role/ Importance

Online marketing plays a wide role in each sector. Whether it’s a business person, youngsters, experienced personnel, job seekers or customer as well, it offers a wide span of benefits.

Business Owners: Online marketing plays a vital role in the business Sectors. Either a small scale organization wants to introduce their products locally, or a big-scale business and even entrepreneurs need to maintain their brand image worldwide. This marketing strategy is useful.

  • Brand Image/ Company Reputation: Brand is of no use until people recognize it.

Its image building is essential. Likewise, company’s positive reputation in the market is equally important. Brand awareness and online reputation management (ORM) campaign help the businesses to market their brand name over the internet.

  • Competitive Advantage: ‘Be ahead of your competitors’ is the primary goal of marketing through electronic media. Numerous methods for social media marketing (SMM) such as YouTube promotion, Facebook Promotion, advertisement campaigns are there in the row to keep to one step forward from your competitors.
  • Conversion Rate: The businesses that are using online modes for promotion get the advantage of higher conversion rate. Thus, these methods generate a quick and efficient communication with the consumer.

Conversion Rate = Viewers converted into Subscribers converted into End-Consumers of Products &Services

  • Measuring and Analysis: ‘The work is worth nothing unless it is measurable.’ The best part is that all the promotional techniques for ranking of the business high on

Google can be measure and analyses adequately to review the success graph. It involves reporting of various aspects and then improving it.

Customers: Besides business houses, customers are also getting benefits through this in the following manner:

  • Straightforward guidelines for operation through call-to-action (CTA) buttons available on the websites.
  • Various options in the products and easy comparison between them
  • Easy of choosing the better product with the help of likes & reviews.
  • 365/24/7 access to the brands information and details
  • Keeps the customer current with latest updates.
  • Tracking of the orders and delivery status.

Green Attribute: Electronic marketing serves the environment as well. It offers less wastage of paper as campaigns & the advertisement is conducted online rather than on leaflets/ pamphlets. Furthermore, no need to go here and there on the vehicles as the product is available on the web and phones.

Career Aspects: Students, trainers, and even job seekers can get the benefit of digitalization. There is specific course such as SEO, SMM, web development, affiliate marketing, CPC and lot more which fresher as well as experienced can adopt for their bright future. The courses include developing the strategy for marketing the product on the web, Google analytics, e-mail marketing, etc. Be the first to become professional digital marketer.

In brief, we can say that digital marketing is a boon for the nation as it is essential in almost every sector of society. Because of its vital role, its trend is emerging in the market with a high speed, and in coming years it will keep on rising.

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