Social Media Marketing

“Go Global with Social Media Marketing”

Today’s era is proof in itself that social media capture an essential space in our life. Most of the time people spend on posting the post on Facebook or twitting on the tweeter. Exact is the case with Social Media Marketing (SMM) or Social Media Optimization (SMO). It refers to popularizing the products or services through social networking sites (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, BizSugar, etc.) for gaining more traffic because most of the audience is hanging around the social sites.


This mode of internet marketing act as a valuable marketing tool for increasing the customer reach. Watch the activities of your competitors on media and move on according to their footsteps. Work of digital marketing agency is not only limited to the likes, shares or follows on the websites but its target is to get the people to your site and stick them for life.

Unlike advertisement campaigns, this method demands no investment. To offer your company a quintessential edge in the digital world, we, at PIIMS – the best social media marketing company join our hands in providing the best to raise traffic on your website.

 Professional Tools 

According to the recent statistics, nearly 74% of all internet users across the world visit on the social media like a rocket. Your business can face the risk of getting extinct if not have a web presence. So, here is the professional tool that gives a boost to your business.

Brand Monitoring: 

Brand Monitoring is all about reviewing the online conversations, i.e., what people think, talk or feel about your brand. It includes analysis of positive as well negative comments.  Are you aware of the fact that high leading brands are using one or more social media marketing services! When you create a new page on your site or introduce any product, it just similar to taking a selfie unless it reaches to the masses. SMM is a platform that grabs the attention of some people towards your product by offering various monitoring tools for small and large-scale organizations.

Social Media Management:-

The way to check the company’s image by extracting information from social correspondences, Social Media Management is done to enhance the social reach. Our professionals believe in using psychographics rather than just sticking to the demographics use. Media management involves series of step starts right from gathering the data from different media and then comply analysis on the metrics like time spent on the page, content share, click through rate and nature of comments.

Social Media Contest:

It is a promotional scheme that a business unit can conduct when they want to launch a new product, make a big announcement, information about any event, discounts or offers. These may be in the form of exciting games, photo contest, sweepstakes, opinion pooling, and yes or no graphics. This service is helpful in brand building, growing the email lists and knowing the people’ thought process about your business image.

Setup & Custom Profile Design:

PIIMS service of setup & custom profile design helps in creating personal as well as professional social media profiles so that the products and services can reach the target market. We establish custom branded images (profile photos, backgrounds, cover photos, etc.) for your profile, keeping your branding consistent across your social media and websites. We also offer the facility of integrating links of your social media profiles into your site. So, cultivate trustworthy b2b or b2c relationships ahead.

Social Media Promotion

Content Marketing: Social media and content marketing share a direct bond with each other and promotion are meaningless without quality content. Content marketing is not limited to writing a good text in the blogs or social post but includes images, graphics, links, and videos as well.

Great Ranking: Promotion on the social networking sites leads to a high ranking of your page. It positively recognizes by the Google and leads to more customers and upper sales graph.